Pureit Marvella RO + UV Water Purifier

Rs. 18,000

Rs. 18,000

Rs. 18,000

  • 6 Stage Purification
  • 10 L Storage Tank
  • TDS Modulator
  • RO + UV Technology
  • Electrical Water Purifier
  • Taste Enhancers

This Pureit Marvella water purifier will give you peace of mind as far as drinking clean and hygienic drinking water is concerned. Install one in your kitchen and bid goodbye to all water-borne diseases.

100% RO and UV Purification
The inlet water goes through six stages of filtration that remove particulate impurities, chlorine, pesticides, dirt, dissolved salts, cysts, protozoa, and metals like arsenic, mercury, lead. These processes also absorb all foul odour-causing compounds and add essential minerals that further improve the taste of water.

Advanced Alert System
You will be alerted 15 days before the Germkill kit gets over so that you have enough time to schedule a replacement.

Automatic Functions
You don’t have to fill or refill the purifier, or even put an alarm to shut it off. The auto start-stop and shut-off features of this electrical purifier ensure trouble-free operation.