LG F8091MDL2 5.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Rs. 29,500

Rs. 27,690

Rs. 27,090

  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine; 5.5 kg capacity
  • 2 years warranty on the product
  • Inverter direct drive technology enhances washing performance, minimizes noise and vibration and enhances energy savings
  • Time delay option with maximum 19 hour delay
  • 6 wash programs including delicate, wool and quick 30
  • Baby care feature where temperature reaches 95 degree celcius killing enzymes and bacteria
  • Door diameter: 300 millimeters; Door opening angle: 170 degree

A combination of features, style and utility, the LG F8091MDL2 washing machine is an excellent choice. Blue-white in colour, it measures 60 x 44 x 85 cm (W x D x H) and weighs 65 kg. The power specifications it requires to function are 220-240 V and 50 Hz. It is a front loading, fully automatic washing machine. The door diameter is 30 cm and the door opening angle is 170 degrees. In addition to clothing of various materials, this product helps you wash cushions, curtains, bed linen and table linen with ease. Features like a fuzzy logic, baby care, rinse hold and crease care make this product essential. So wait no more.

Important Features
The LG F8091MDL2 washing machine has the capacity to wash a laundry load weighing 5.5 kg. There are 4 spin speed options. These include no speed, 400 rpm, 600 rpm and 800 rpm. Some of this washing machine’s key features are a durable heater, a Smart Diagnosis system and the inverter direct drive technology. This automatic washing machine has features like fuzzy logic and a durable and quiet washer. The temperature ranges between cold to 95 degrees Celsius.
Digital Control Panel
The control panel includes a jog dial that lets you select the required wash programs and wash features with ease. The digital display allows you to view your selections clearly. A digital display also makes this LG F8091MDL2 washing machine easy to use.

Wash Programs and More
The LG F8091MDL2 has a number of wash programs to make laundry seem like a simple task. Some of these are rinse plus spin, quick 30, wool, delicate, cotton and baby care. Other special features included are crease care, pre-wash, rinse plus, rinse hold, time delay and child lock. It also has an anti-rat cover.
Care and Maintenance
When you have to use hard water to wash your clothes, do use scale removers to remove any deposits that may be left behind in your washing machine drum. Opt for a washing machine cover to keep it free from dust when it is not in use. If you are keen on reducing water and energy consumption, use the washing machine two to three times a week instead of every single day. Also, preferably wash a full load of laundry rather than just a few items.