Samsung 585Ltr RS21HUTPN1/XTL Side By Side Refrigerator

Rs. 95,000

Rs. 95,000


  • Side-by-Side Refrigerator; 585 litres capacity
  • 1 year warranty on the product; 10 years warranty on the compressor
  • Ice and water dispenser
  • Air Flow Type: Multi air flow system
  • 100 % Original Product with Brand Warranty | 1+9 Year warranty
  • Water and Ice Dispenser
  • Ice Crusher
  • Space-saving Clear View indoor icemaker
  • LED interior lightings illuminate both fridge and freezer
  • Twin cooling system
  • 585 litre capacity

Samsung, known for its brilliant range of cooling solutions, brings the Samsung 585Ltr RS21HUTPN1/XTL Side By Side Refrigerator. This refrigerator is stylish, elegant and is the perfect combination of features to add to your household. The capacity of this refrigerator is 585 litres, which gives you enormous space to save all your food and other items that need refrigeration. This refrigerator comes in a Plantinum Inox colour and has a two door system. It also has Frost-free technology that manages the defrosting in the refrigerator. The interior of the refrigerator has 4 door pockets and is lit up using LED lighting, which illuminates the entire refrigerator making it easy to spot the food you want. There are five shelves made of tempered glass that can bear the weight of all heavy food containers. This refrigerator works on Twin Cooling, so there are fans in both compartments, providing equal cooling throughout. There is also an egg container and special dairy compartment. The Big Box in the refrigerator is the ideal place to store your vegetables and fruits effortlessly. You can also keep your vegetables in the Anti Moisture Drawer that regulates humidity so they are preserved for a longer time. Multi-flow ensures that every compartment gets equal cooling. The water and ice dispenser gives you chilled water and ice cubes. It also has a convenient tall opening so you can easily fill tall glasses and pitchers. You can easily save up space for ice-trays since the Clear-view Ice-tray is installed externally on the freezer door. This Ice-tray can make up to 2 kg of ice and has a see-through bin so you know when the ice is ready. With a brilliant rating of five-stars, this refrigerator is energy-efficient and light on your pocket. You can purchase this refrigerator on Snapdeal at an awesome price. It also comes with a 1 year warranty on the body and a 10 year warranty on the compressor. The freezer also has a 3 door pocket, a vegetable and fruit drawer and has 4 shelves made of tempered glass.  Built to last for many years, this refrigerator takes you into a whole new world of cooling convenience.


This refrigerator has a capacity of an impressive 585 litres which lets you store all you need to and you’ll probably still have space in the end.

Star Rating

Energy efficiency will be the new trend with this refrigerator that has a full five star energy efficiency rating. Not just that, you will also save a whole load of money because your electricity bill will reduce considerably.


This refrigerator has a double door design that divides it into the refrigerator section and the freezer section. It comes in a Platinum Inox colour. The refrigerator has 5 shelves and the freezer has 3 shelves made of tempered glass that can bear heavy food containers. The refrigerator has a LED light to guide you around, while you look for your food. The dimensions (WxDxH) of the refrigerator are 912 x 734 x 1789 mm. There is a 4 door pocket in the refrigerator and a 3 door pocket in the freezer section. There are also full-height handles that you can use to open the refrigerator. You also get storage compartments for eggs, dairy and bottles. In addition to this, you get a two vegetable compartments that have humidity controllers to keep your food crunchy and farm fresh.